Stewart Cink’s Quitting Golf To Support His Wife Who’s Battling Cancer, Pulls The Biggest Bro Move Ever



Most people recognize the name Stewart Cink following a more than respectable golf career that included winning the 2009 British Open and numerous other top-3 major finishes, but Cink wouldn’t necessarily be a guy who many could pick out of a crowd if given the chance.

Well, here’s one thing you need to know about Stewart Cink; he’s one hell of a gentleman, as he just decided to quit golf to support his wife Lisa, who was just diagnosed with cancer.

Cink tweeted out an emotional message about his decision following the news about Lisa’s diagnosis, saying that he was doing so to support the wife who has been there to support him throughout his golf career. In all honesty, I doubt it was much of a difficult decision at all for the 42-year-old Cink.

Major respect for Stewart Cink and best of luck to Lisa and their entire family as they battle the disease together.

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