‘Stone Cold’ Rips WWE Hours Before He’s Scheduled To Return To WWE Network And It’s Awesome As Usual

“The Texas Rattlesnake” strikes just HOURS before his Stone Cold Podcast returns to the WWE Network tonight after Raw.

Never one to mince words, Stone Cold Steve Austin discussed the current WWE product on his podcast, specifically its flagship show Raw. Austin put over the NXT product basically because it’s a, get this, a wrestling show whereas every week Monday Night Raw is “like wrestling for morons.” His words, not mine, though I’ve said the same thing a hundred times (to my cat, every Monday night.)

“It’s (NXT) simple, it’s to the point. It’s not dumbed down like Monday Night RAW. On Monday Night RAW it’s like they want to fill in every blank for you. It’s like wrestling for morons. They’ve over thought it.”

Austin did explain that NXT is a one hour show so it can be streamlined and there’s less room to take chances or get creative but maybe that’s exactly what Raw needs — a little less time to fill in 180 minutes of air time.

Stone Cold interviews Paul Heyman tonight after Raw.

[via SEScoops]

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