Stop Everything: America Has a Shortage of Chicken Wings for This Year’s Super Bowl

Our friends at Sports Grid have brought what is amongst the world's worst possible news to our attention. The National Chicken Council, which is a thing, have brought mass hysteria upon us all, announcing that there will be 12.3 million less wings for this year's super bowl 

This year, it’s the National Chicken Council taking Mother Nature and the federal government to task for a shortfall in the production of chicken wings that will hold consumption to 1.23 billion wing segments during the 2013 Super Bowl, 12.3 million less than last year.

The reason for this shortage, evidently, is that the prices for corn and feed is at an all-time high. This is surprising, because based on my monthly rent checks, the time I glanced at getting tickets for a concert, and the burrito I just bought at Chipotle, nothing else that costs money is at an all-time high right now. Nothing at all.

I know this isn't how this works, but whoever's paying that corn and feed bill, just sack it up and skip that 2nd cup of coffee every afternoon. Or bring your lunch to work. Or do SOMETHING so that we can have our wings.

Yes, the corn and feed may be too damn high, but do America a solid here. 

[H/T: SportsGrid]