Stop Ignoring Your Skinny Calves And Kick Their Ass With These 4 Movements

Remember the last time that you trained your calves? Don’t worry; you’re far from the only guy that ignores them and when you even bother to throw a set or two in, it’s the ass-end of a super set when you’re shot from the 600-pound leg press.

But that is the asinine way of doing things and the reason why you should know the answer to this common question:

“Why can’t I get my calves to grow?”

Because you are not working them hard or often enough! It is as simple as that. They are not a body part that needs to be coddled and babied, so make it a point to hit them at least three times a week – not just on leg day.

You can actually train your calves every day that you go to the gym – if you do it right. And it will only take you a few extra minutes. This will do more for you and you’ll see results quicker, which makes it easier physiologically to work harder on a body part that is admittedly hard to make gains on.

There are options for calves and you should pick one or two of these movements each day you train them. Four-to-six sets for one movement should be suffice, but stick to four sets for each if you include a second exercise. Rep-wise, don’t cheat yourself by doing anything less than 12 per set. Since the calves can take a beating, feel free to use a good amount of weight, too.

You can be fancy and switch up the toe positioning (pointed inward or outward) and that will hit the calves from a different angle.

Here are the common exercises for calves:


The most basic of movements for this body part and an overall good one for them, too. Take advantage of the long range of motion that this machine allows.


Here’s a tip: lean back slightly in the seat to give you more range of motion.


Many gyms have the machines for this but you can always go old school like Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do. But if you have a choice, take two girls on your back instead of Franco Columbu.


Just because you’re going to do more for your calves doesn’t mean you can forego that old standby. Keep those super sets in after leg presses and really tax your calves with heavy weight when your legs are already exhausted.