Baseball Streaker Hilariously Interrupts Rivalry Matchup, Gives Viewers More Than They Paid For

A view of a baseball mitt and a crowd in the background.


Fans at the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry game got more than the price of admission on Tuesday night. A streaker was seen sprinting across the baseball diamond with a mask, a homemade sign, and a message across the front of his chest.

The Aggie supporter ran across the infield before making a beeline to the centerfield wall to evade any security. He appeared to hop the outfield fence and escape without punishment but was later seen being detained.

The streaker didn’t leave the field of play without giving the fans a show, though. While racing towards Texas A&M shortstop Hunter Haas, the man dropped his drawers every-so-slightly to give the crowd a brief view of his butt cheeks.

He quickly pulled his pants back up as he made his escape.

The streaker’s sign read, “Longhorns Suck,” which isn’t the most creative jab for his rival. Still, it gets the point across.

Fans were quick to comment on the hilarious scene, posting responses on social media. Most aren’t surprised in the least to see this happen in College Station.

Could this be the latest cringy moment from an Aggie yell leader?

Others were just impressed with the agility to speed across the diamond and jump the outfield fence.

The one thing everyone was wondering is, “Where was the security?”

Unfortunately for the streaker, police were waiting for him beyond the outfield wall.

The action continued following the brief pause, but the streaker’s tactics failed to motivate the home team. Texas defeated Texas A&M 5-2 to continue a 15-game winning streak.

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