‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley Calls Marlon Vera A ‘B-tch’ For Celebrating Win, Implies His Foot Fell Asleep In Middle Of Fight Due To Tight Ankle Brace

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On Saturday, much-hyped UFC fighter Suga Sean O’Malley suffered his first loss to Marlon Vera when he mysteriously collapsed on the ground due to what looked to be an apparent ankle injury before Vera was able to finish him off on the ground.

Many believed a perfectly placed kick by Vera caused the injury to O’Malley.

On his podcast on Thursday, O’Malley denies that a kick caused the injury and says a tight ankle brace was to blame.

my fucking shit was way too tight, Alright, we’re gonna walk,’ I go, ‘Hey (movement coach) Brandon (Harris), do you think you can fucking loosen up my ankle brace, it’s fucking tight.’

O’Malley is not giving Vera any credit for the win and even called his opponent a “bitch’ for celebrating the victory.

Let’s look at his career in five years, let’s look at mine,” O’Malley said. “I’m going to be fucking world champion, he’s going to be a fucking journeyman. That’s just what his style is. He wins some, he loses some. He’s slow, but he’s gritty, so he’s going to be able to finish some people after they beat him up for a while. The way his pace was, super slow like that, and I was exploding into shots, I wasn’t gonna get tired and I was just gonna beat his ass.

“I don’t know if I was gonna get a finish in that first round. He was tough and he was patient, which was fine, because that’s easier for me, he wasn’t doing anything, he was standing there. It f**king sucks.”

Dude, I knock out Eddie Wineland, I peace,” O’Malley said. “That was easy. He gets lucky and beats me and jumps up like he just f**king won the lottery, that just showed me what kind of a b*tch he was.”

O’Malley is likely to get a second crack at Vera whenever he chooses to come back.