Parking Prices For Super Bowl LVI At SoFi Stadium In L.A. Are Truly Outrageous

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To attend Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium is incredibly expensive. The cheapest ticket price leading up to the game sat around the $3,000 mark and that is only the beginning.

Once you get to the stadium, you’re going to want something to eat and drink, but the concession prices are extremely expensive. However, before it even gets to that point, you have to make your way to the game.

Most people would think to either Uber or take the metro. Other poor souls might choose to park.

That would be the wrong decision. To park anywhere near the stadium in Inglewood, California is going to cost a pretty penny.

Some parking passes on-site sold for over $4,200, including one at the nearby Hollywood Park Casino that was going for over $5,000. Fortunately, those were not the only options, but pre-paid passes still were not cheap.

Leading up to the game, it cost $225 for one spot that is a mile away from SoFi.

For those willing to pay a little bit more, $250 spots are in nearby driveways.

The cheaper options are also in driveways, but to be shuttled to the stadium costs extra, so it can’t be particularly close.

The cheapest option seems to be around $100, but the location is unclear.

Other options ranged from $100 to $400.