The Complete Super Bowl Over/Under History For Betting The Big Game With Confidence

What Super Bowl Over Under History Says About Super Bowl 56

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  • If you look at Super Bowl over-under history you can see how it’s not exactly easy to pick a side.
  • However, there are some trends to look at regarding both the Bengals and Rams that can help.
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As we all know, you can bet on practically anything when it comes to the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks are known for offering an outrageous number of prop bets for the big game which makes it very easy to overlook more traditional bets on the board. While betting responsibly on props is all fine and well, you shouldn’t forget about the over-under in the Super Bowl.

The over-under bet is one of the simplest sports betting plays out there, which consistently makes it one of the most intriguing bets as well.

The over-under, also knowns as the ‘total’ is set on the expected combined points between the two teams. If you don’t think the teams will score the number, the under is your friend. If you think the game will be a shootout, then you’d favor the over.

The beauty of the over-under is that you don’t have to necessarily cheer for one team, all you’re pulling for is a number. It’s also one of only a few bets out there that, more often than not, keeps your rooting interest intact for the entirety of the game.

To get a better feel for the over-under in Super Bowl 56 we need to take a look back at the history of Super Bowl over-unders.

Super Bowl Over Under History

The Super Bowl over-under has gone an even 27-27 over the years. This is both a testament to just how good Vegas is at picking these numbers and how evenly matched the majority of Super Bowls have been over the years.

The first Super Bowl did not have an over-under, hence there being records of just 54 Super Bowls despite the 56th coming up.

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The last 20 Super Bowl over-under results:

2021: Buccaneers 31 – Chiefs 9 – Under

2020: Chiefs 31 – 49ers 20 – Under

2019: Patriots 13 – Rams 3 – Under

2018: Eagles 41 – Patriots 33 – Over

2017: Patriots 34 – Falcons 28 – Over

2016: Broncos 24 – Panthers 10 – Under

2015: Patriots 28 – Seahawks 24 – Over

2014: Seahawks 43 – Broncos 8 – Over

2013: Ravens 34 – 49ers 31 – Over

2012: Giants 21 – Patriots 17 – Under

2011: Packers 31 – Steelers 25 – Over

2010: Saints 31 – Colts 17 – Under

2009: Steelers 27 – Cardinals 23 – Over

2008: Giants 17 – Patriots 14 – Under

2007: Colts 29 – Bears 17 – Under

2006: Steelers 21 – Seahawks 10 – Under

2005: Patriots 24 – Eagles 21 – Under

2004: Patriots 32 – Panthers 29 – Over

2003: Buccaneers 48 – Raiders 21 – Over

2002: Patriots 20 – Rams 17 – Under

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Over the last 20 Super Bowls, the under has hit 11 times while the over has hit nine times.

While Super Bowls of the past don’t necessarily have an impact on this year’s big game, it is certainly worth noting that the under has hit in each of the last three Super Bowls.

To get a better understanding of Super Bowl 56, we can look at how both the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals have done in the over-under department this year.

Los Angeles Rams Over-Under Record

The Rams were able to hit the over in the majority of their regular-season games with a 9-7-1 record with the over hitting 56.3% of the time. Los Angeles has done the opposite in the postseason, however, with just a 1-2-0 over record during the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals Over-Under Record

The Bengals’ story during the regular season was the opposite of the Rams’. Cincinnati posted an 8-9-0 over record during the regular season. That trend has continued during the postseason as well with the Bengals having an 0-3-0 over record over the course of their three playoff games.

Unfortunately, these two teams didn’t play one another in the regular season, so we don’t have any date to go off of there.

However, if you combine the Rams and Bengals over-under record during the regular season you have two teams with an over record of 17-16-1. When it comes to their combined postseason record, the under has dominated, with an over record of just 1-5-0.

Given the fact that the Super Bowl over-under history is exactly 27-27, it’s a legitimate toss-up as to what we may see in Super Bowl 56. Having said that, given these two teams meeting the under so often this postseason and the trend of the last three Super Bowls all going under, one might suggest the under may hit yet again this year.

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