Surprising Cleveland Browns Player Is ‘Holding In’ At Training Camp


Getty Image / Nick Cammett

The Cleveland Browns’s offense was expected to head into the 2022 season with some question marks. They knew Deshaun Watson would be facing a suspension and they have a new group of receivers who will be taking over starting roles this season.

Now the Browns have another question mark to deal with.

According to NFL insider Josina Anderson, Browns running back Kareem Hunt is currently “holding in” at training camp.

This is a surprising decision from Kareem Hunt as it would be difficult for Hunt to have any less leverage than he does right now. He isn’t the team’s starting running back, the team just spent a ton of money on a contract for a new quarterback, and Nick Chubb’s contract increases over the next two seasons. It’s hard to picture the Browns spending more at running back.

Instead, it likely makes more sense for the Cleveland Browns to send Hunt to a team that needs help at running back before his contract expires at the end of the season, especially if Deshaun Watson ends up facing a longer suspension than the 6 games he has already been suspended for.

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