Surveillance Video Shows Vandal Defacing LeBron James Mural In L.A.

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Thanks to vandals the LeBron James mural is no more. Yesterday afternoon painter Never1959 painted over the mural after it was vandalized for the second time in a week.

Never said he took down the mural because he was tired of dealing with the controversy that came with it.

Via Washington Post

“I don’t know if it’s LeBron haters or Kobe fans or just someone who wants attention,” Never says in the video. “The funny thing is, I painted Kobe a couple of years ago and people, like, were very quick to forget that one.”

I got a ton of support,” Never said. “At first when we had the original piece, there was a ton of positivity, but also a ton of like pro-Kobe, anti-LeBron sentiment. [Some] people didn’t like it in general, not necessarily the work, but the sentiment that went with it. People had a big problem with the word ‘of.’ I get where they are coming from.

“This was just for my own fun, just being happy that the Lakers were actually going to be talked about again,” he continued. “And I didn’t realize that a mural would be [almost] as talked about as much as the Lakers would be.”

A newly surfaced surveillance video shows a vandal defacing the mural by throwing white paint at it.

Just goes to show that not everyone is happy with LeBron coming to L.A.

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