Swedish Fisherman Ditches The Rod And Dives Into The Water, Catches A Fish Barehanded Like A Boss

This dude was fishing in Leksand, Sweden when he hooked what looks like a Pike, but is probably some Swedish fish I’ve never heard of. He was fishing out of a canoe which is always a pain in the ass. It’s unclear to me if he lost the fish while he was still in the canoe or if he shook the hook when he got on land, but the angler was determined to land the fish. I certainly hope this dude ate that fish after seeing the way he just chucked it into the bushes because there’s no shot that fish was swimming back into the water after handling it like that.

Instead of letting that fish swim away into the pond/lake/whatever, the dude dove into the water and grabbed that decent-sized fish by hand. Not too dissimilar from the ‘noodling’ that you see here in America where dudes will stick their hands into holes in river banks/lakes and pull out gigantic catfish. I’ve never actually gone noodlin’ myself but I’m deeply fascinated by it, and if any of you bros out there are noodlin’ experts and want to teach me the ways one day I’d be happy to take a road trip to your local fishing hole and grab some fish by hand. (h/t DailyMail)

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