Swedish Women’s Soccer Coach Hilariously Walks Into Closet Moments After Dropping Philosophical Quote

Swedish women's soccer coach Peter Gerhardsson

Getty Image / Phil Walter

The head coach of the Swedish women’s soccer team, Peter Gerhardsson, experienced a total blunder during his latest press conference with the media.

After dropping some serious knowledge with a philosophical quote, Gerhardsson hilariously walked right into a closet while trying to leave the room.

It’s the classic “say something smart, do something dumb.” However, the Swedish women’s soccer coach accidentally proved his philosophical quote true in the process.

According to Steph Yang, Peter Gerhardsson was feeling philosophical about the game of soccer. He stated, “If you as a human being know everything it’s not exciting, and that’s why football is so exciting.”

You can pretty much say the same thing about life in general. For that reason, it’s an incredibly smart statement from the Swedish soccer coach. But of course, he followed that up by walking into a closet.

Clearly, Gerhardsson didn’t expect to walk through the wrong door, making the moment all that more hilarious.

Amanda Zaza shares the clip of Peter Gerhardsson’s accidental blunder.

You can see the smile on his face after realizing what he just did. So, at the very least, the Swedish women’s soccer coach has a sense of humor about it.

It’s not everyday you see someone live out their philosophical quote just moments after stating it.

But hey, this is a learning experience. I’m sure Gerhardsson won’t make the same mistake again. Unless of course pulls off some Bugs Bunny hi-jinx and builds another closet behind another door real quick.

A part of me hopes that happens.