Russian Swimmer Yulia Efimova Actually Compared Her Doping To Michael Phelps Getting A DUI

Listen, Yulia Efimova. I love you. You’re super talented as evidenced by the two silver medals you’ve won in Rio. Plus, you’re super freaking hot to boot, but I have a little piece of advice. Shut the fuck up.

There’s a reason American badass Lilly King called you out for doping on live TV, not once, but twice. It’s because you got caught doping. Twice.

The only reason you got to compete in the Olympics at the last minute (after the second doping charge) is because, well, I really don’t know why.

King wasn’t even just calling you out either as later she also said that she believed there should be something like a one-strike policy against doping for the Olympics even if it meant Americans like Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay were no longer allowed to compete.

So rather than sit in front of the media and say things like, “the media was full of fake stories about me,” you should just be quiet and take your two silver medals and go home happy that were in Rio at all.

Alas, that’s not the case as Efimova had even more to say about the controversy surrounding her and somehow made it even worse.

Reports the Wall Street Journal

At a news conference after she won silver in the 200-meter breaststroke, the Journal asked Efimova what she made of American Lilly King’s contention earlier this week that anyone caught for doping should never be able to compete in the Olympics again.

“Then what would she say about Michael Phelps?” Efimova responded.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Swimming Federation later explained that Efimova was referring to Phelps’s own past substance-related suspensions by USA Swimming–three months in 2009 after being photographed with a marijuana pipe and six months in 2014 after he was arrested for driving under the influence.

But wait, Efimova wasn’t done there. She also compared her doping at the highest level of sports to getting a ticket while driving.

“There must always be another chance,” Efimova said at Thursday’s news conference. “When you drive a car and break a rule, you just get a ticket. You don’t lose your license for life or get put in jail.”

Uh, Yulia, you did get another chance. You were suspended for 16 months in 2013 for an anabolic steroid, and again this year for meldonium, a drug newly banned by the WADA, so they gave you a free pass to the Olympics. (Meldonium is the same drug Maria Sharapova, also Russian, was popped for this year.)

Who thought there would be so much drama surrounding swimming, huh? I can’t wait til track and field gets going where things are sure to be much less controversial.

(That’s sarcasm, by the way.)

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