The Syracuse Men’s Soccer Team Pulled Off A Locker Room Header Drill That’ll Blow Your Goddamn Mind, They Go Nuts

25!!!! 25 headers back and forth and then into the bucket. These Syracuse Soccer bros just are living the goddamn dream.

So I know that our coach in H.S. tried to make us do this drill before games but here’s something you should know about my high school: I graduated with only 28 kids in my Senior Class. My high school was small as hell, it was a prep school wich a focus on academics which means that we were only really competitive in Golf and Tennis. When we’d attempt this drill in the locker room before games we’d usually make it one person at a time. I think we did a version of this where if the person sitting down didn’t head the ball back then that person had to stand up and become the guy standing in the middle…basically, we all were that person in the middle because we fucked it up every single time.

If you’ve never played soccer before or attempted this drill it can be difficult to imagine just how impossible this drill is, and I cannot even begin to fathom how many times these D-1 athletes have attempted this before actually succeeding. It’s a definite ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment and I’m just stoked for these bros that someone thought to film it because they can look back on this for years to come.

(h/t Fox Sports)

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