7-Foot-5 Tacko Fall Enters Concussion Protocol After Drilling His Head On A ‘Low Ceiling’

Harry Aaron/Getty Images

Not sure if you guys have heard but Tacko Fall is tall. Like 7-foot-5 tall.

If that’s tough for you to conceptualize, think about it this way. Tacko is skinnier than a European cigarette and at 311 pounds, he is still the heaviest player in the NBA–25 pounds heavier than Zion and 60 pounds heavier than LeBron.

But, with great longitude comes great responsibility and one wrong turn could send you into concussion protocol.

That’s exactly what happened.

Mr. Fall did not participate in the first Celtics game of the season at Philly’s Wells Fargo Center, later explaining to MassLive that he was concussed from trying to wash his hands after a workout at the practice facility and drilling his head on a “low ceiling.”

The 23-year-old initially thought nothing of it, and even attended Celtics swim lesson event at the local Boys and Girls Club, which provided top notch content in itself.

Tacko woke up the following morning feeling like shit.

“Tacko got hit in the head yesterday after individual work,” Stevens said at the time. “He was a little under the weather. It sounds like being very cautious about that.”

(Here is Tacko next to 5’11” teammate Carsen Edwards.)

Harry Aaron/Getty Images

Fall entered concussion protocol but expects to be cleared “real soon,” with head coach Brad Stevens confirming.

Tacko Fall. More like Tacko FAIL. Amiright. Thank you for reading.

[h/t MassLive]