This 7’6″ Basketball Star Doesn’t Really Care About Playing In The NBA Because He’s Got His Sights Set On A Different Goal

Tacko Fall Dunk


Tacko Fall, Taco to friends, will be heading to the University of Central Florida soon to play basketball. The school is pretty jacked to get Taco on campus, all 7’6″ of him, because he’s been called “the next Dikembe Mutombo” by scouts and people who still think comparisons mean anything in sports.

If Taco were to make the leap from college to the pros, he’d be the tallest player in NBA history, and possibly one of the greatest if he actually pans out. He’ll need to stay in shape, stay motivated, stay focus…and shit, he’s already lost focus.

Taco doesn’t really dream about NBA stardom. He’d rather get rich a much different way.

Elhadji Tacko Fall, you see, is not you’re standard athlete and we’re not talking about his ability to dunk with both feet planted on the ground.

The keen student’s real career goal is to become an engineer at a major hi-tech corporation in the United States or earn enough money through basketball to return home to Senegal and open his own business to create jobs.

It’s why LeBron James is not his hero.

Luckily, the 19-year-old is young enough to change his mind and stick to basketball. Computer nerds don’t get much pussy in college. Or do they? I just don’t know anymore.

[via News.AU]

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