Tampa Bay Buccaneers Star Not Practicing Amid Contract Dispute

Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Devin White

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gone through some big changes during this NFL offseason.

Tom Brady retired.

They fired Byron Leftwich.

The Bucs traded Shaq Mason.

They cut Leonard Fournette.

There was one Bucs star who didn’t want that to be the end of the changes.

Earlier this offseason, linebacker Devin White requested a trade amid a contract dispute with the Bucs.

That trade never came and neither did a new contract for the star who is set to play this season on the 5th year of his rookie deal.

However, it seems White isn’t done trying to get that new deal.

According to Pewter Report’s Bailey Adams, while White was at mini camp today, he wasn’t practicing.

Head coach Todd Bowles told the media today that White was not holding in, but that seems like a pretty big coincidence for White to just happen to not be practicing while he continues to seek a new contract.

White has been a stud for the Buccaneers through the first 4 seasons of his career and you would think they would be looking to keep him around a while even though they aren’t really built to win right now.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Devin White, but right now it doesn’t look like they’ve made much progress since the trade request.