The Rays’ Trip Back From Cuba To Tampa Sounds Like A Traveler’s Worst Nightmare

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The Tampa Bay Rays became the first MLB team to play on Cuban soil since 1999, beating the Cuban national team 4-1 in Havana a couple of days ago, but the groundbreaking event became a little bit of a longer trip than player expected.

And it sounds fucking awful.

Following the victory, the team had a few bumps in the road, which included showers that weren’t working in the locker room, a six or seven hour delay while on the plane sitting on the tarmac and pretty much nothing to eat expect potato chips.

You guys, a bunch of sweaty baseball players were confined on a plane together. That’s just asking for a cesspool of diseases to be discovered.

Thankfully, pitcher Chris Archer was live-tweeting the less-than-pleasant experience while it was all going down.

I mean, shit, talk about instantly regretting a trip to Cuba, huh? Instead of fearing possible safety concerns, the one thing the Rays really had to worry about was getting back to the States without smelling like a damn sewer.

The team did eventually make it make OK, but this rival another one of the worst travel stories any athlete has had to deal with.

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