Tampa TV Station Cut Away From Bruce Arians’ Speech At Bucs Parade Because He Was Cursing Up A Storm

Tampa 10 News

Bruce Arians’ speech at the Bucs Super Bowl parade was too hot for TV.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Tampa TV station was forced to cut away from Arians’ speech because he started cursing up a storm on live TV.

I cannot take credit for any of this. We have the best coaching staff, and we damn sure have the best players in the NFL. Anybody that says run it back, that’s bullshit, that’s Kansas City’s bullshit.

I can’t thank the players, the families enough for all the support for this crazy ass year. You beat Covid and every damn team we lined up against.

And you did the right way, oh shit. Vita I’m going to kick your ass.

Here’s the rest of the Arians’ speech that wasn’t shown on TV.

Update: Cursing Bruce Arians strikes again.