The Internet Absolutely Roasted The Cowboys For Having Tavon Austin Fair Catch That Punt

fair catch


Once again, the Dallas Cowboys are currently in the midst of another wildly average season, as they currently sit at 5-4.

Luckily for the Cowboys, though, because the NFC East is such a disaster, they still somehow remain atop the division.

Yet, despite the fact that the Cowboys are in first place, the vultures are beginning to (once again) circle around Jason Garrett’s head, especially when he does ridiculous things like this.

Down four points to the Minnesota Vikings with left than 30 seconds left to play, the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff sent out their punt return team and ordered returner Tavon Austin to call a fair catch to give the offense a couple of hail mary shots.

So, Austin followed the instructions of his coaching staff. The only problem is, the instructions couldn’t have been worse, as Austin had what amounts to acres of daylight (especially in the NFL) in front of him.

Naturally, because the Dallas Cowboys are the Dallas Cowboys and the call was so head-scratchingly awful, the internet jumped at the chance to shred “America’s Team” for this patently terrible special teams strategy.

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys likely march to the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs marches forward next week as they head to Detroit to take on the Lions.

That said, if I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, the last thing I want is the team making a run to the playoffs, as it will likely lead to yet another season of mediocrity under head coach Jason Garrett.


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