Taylor Swift Shown For Less Than 1% Of Super Bowl Broadcast In Las Vegas, According To Reddit User

Taylor Swift watches Super Bowl LVIII from her suite.

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Taylor Swift was reportedly shown for less than 1% of the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast in Las Vegas on Sunday night. In fact, her airtime totaled less than a minute according to one viewer.

A Reddit user tracked the pop star’s cameos from the big game, which mirrored previous playoff broadcasts with T Swift in attendance.

On hand to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce win in dramatic fashion, Swift was a good luck charm of sorts as the Chiefs continued to play their best with the singer in the stands.

That attendance in Sin City was widely publicized in the leadup to the contest as prior scheduling conflicts put her presence somewhat in danger. Swift had a show in Japan the night before the Super Bowl.

Still, her team was able to pull it off, maybe even with a little help from the NFL.

Her arrival to Allegiant Stadium sent waves throughout the sports world, and cameras were never far as she watched on from her Allegiant Stadium suite.

Just how much those cameras panned her way is now known.

A Reddit user (u/JPAnalyst) tallied the total appearances and on-air time Sunday night, and the numbers might surprise you.

Amount of time that CBS allocated to Taylor Swift during the Super Bowl
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The social media sleuth recorded 12 cameos for a total of 54 seconds of game action. Considering the contest went into overtime and lasted longer than four hours, that equates to just 0.36% of the broadcast.

For reference, the Reddit user listed other guest appearances from the game, which included Post Malone, the Purdy family, and The Las Vegas Sphere. While none matched Swift’s airtime, none was that far off.

The numbers line up with a previous playoff game which saw Taylor Swift shown seven times for a total of 44 seconds when the Chiefs took on the Bills.

Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce seems to be all we’ve heard about throughout this postseason run, but CBS has done a solid job of not letting her presence at NFL stadiums overshadow the games themself.