#TBT To The Time Erin Andrews Got Completely OWNED On Twitter By Marshall Henderson

Remember when Marshall Henderson became college basketball’s bad boy just a few years ago, acting a little bit too hyped and becoming an overnight sensation thanks to his on and off-court skills? Ah, yes, it seems like only yesterday.

And while he helped rejuvenate the Rebels hoops program, what Henderson might be best remembered for is the Twitter bomb he dropped on Erin Andrews after she tried to punk him a few years earlier. As EA found out, sometimes the best revenge requires patience.

Here’s what happened to refresh your little memories.

After Henderson got booted from Ole Miss for a failed drug test, Andrews took to Twitter to take a shot at him and the antics he pulled during his career in Oxford, saying this:

That may have stung, but Henderson promised revenge in his response.

Now let’s fast-forward two years to when Andrews’ boyfriend, L.A. Kings player Jarret Stoll, was arrested for drug possession, allegedly, liking the nose candy a little bit too much. Rather than let it slide on by, Marshall Henderson took to Twitter, completely OWNING Erin Andrews with this tweet.

The fact that Henderson not only got the chance to follow through on his promise, but then actually remembered to do it, is amazing. And, with that, he gained a place in the Twitter Trolling Hall of Fame.