Telemundo Announcer Loses His Mind Over A 25-Yard Field Goal And It Was Fantastic

Telemundo announcer Epigmenio Guerrero was REALLY, REALLY excited that Mason Crosby nailed his 25-yard chip shot field goal during Thursday night’s PRE-SEASON Packers game.

And yet, it was probably the best call of any NFL play that I have ever heard. Forget Jim Nantz, Joe Buck, et al. I want Epigmenio Guerrero calling all my games on Sundays.

I mean, if we can’t have Gus Johnson doing the NFL this is definitely the next best thing.

Sadly, Epigmenio Guerrero is reportedly only signed to do the Green Bay Packers pre-season games.

That being said, if anyone out there in TV land is smart, that will change. Just look how much better these guys made soccer. Food for thought.