Tennessee Fan Says His Wife Left Him After He Threw A Beer Bottle Through A Window During Kentucky Loss

tennessee fan bottle through window

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Tennessee fans may very well be the most delusional and annoying college football fanbases in the entire country, but they’re also some of the most passionate as well. People take football seriously on Rocky Top. You can make fun of the SEC’s slogan of ‘it just means more’ but in Knoxville, it really does mean more.

It’s worth mentioning I am from the Volunteer State and went to grad school at Tennessee, so I’ve seen all of this first-hand my entire life.

If you need a real-life example of just how passionate Vols fans are about their football, well, this caller’s story he shared on ‘The Tony Basilio Show’ after Tennessee’s embarrassing loss to Kentucky on Saturday is for you.

As all great radio calls begin, this Vols fan talks about how long he’s been watching Tennessee football before admitting to his mistake. “I’ve been watching Tennessee football for 30 years and I did something today that I’ve never done,” the caller began. “I messed up and threw a beer bottle through my window and my wife left me.”

Basilio asking him if he actually did throw a bottle through his window and the caller immediately saying “I don’t even drink, I had two beers, I wasn’t even drunk.”

“I’m cool and I’m calm” is an all-time quote as well from a grown man that threw a beer bottle through his window because his college football team got blasted by Kentucky. Oh, and we also can’t overlook the fact that Basilio’s reaction after that was to ask the man if it was a glass window? No, Tom, the window was made of feathers. Come on, man.

But hey, it wasn’t the caller’s fault, the football team threw that beer bottle through the window. “Tennessee football done this, I didn’t do it.”

Sadly, the caller says that his wife texted him that she’s going to stay at her mom’s for a few weeks, and instead of being torn up about that, he simply said he was sorry and that the blame falls on Tennessee quarterback Jarret Guarantano, not him.

We truly don’t deserve college football and the unbelievable stories we get from the sport.

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