Adventurous Couple Celebrates Valentine’s Day By Having Sex In Neyland Stadium’s Press Box


Quick. Close your eyes and picture the most romantic place on Earth.

…Are you picturing the press box at Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium?

Of course you are.

A photo that appears to show two people having sex in the stadium’s press box was posted to Snapchat, a popular picture messaging app, on Saturday. The image was distributed to followers of an account called “Volnationsnaps,” unaffiliated with the university, which shows students partying.

A screenshot of the Snapchat photo was later posted to Instagram by user “puppygotink.” The Snapchat photo was given a Vols-themed caption: “Happy volentine from neylend (sic) stadium.”

Volentine. Solid pun. Really the type of top-level thinking you’d expect from someone documenting their tryst to strangers in the middle of the damn day.

It’s unclear how the couple was able to access the press box, although a lunch was held Saturday in the stadium’s west club as part of the university’s Winter Family Weekend.

A spokesman for the University of Tennessee Police Department said his department did not receive any reports from Neyland Stadium over the weekend. A spokesman for the Tennessee athletics department did not immediately return a call requesting comment.

Yup. Family day. That’ll do it. There are no two sexier words in the world.

Anyway, best of luck to whichever media member is assigned that seat in the future. It’s going to be pretty difficult to concentrate on reporting with the knowledge you’re seated in filth.

[H/T: Tennessean via Busted Coverage]