Terrell Owens Desperately Pleading With Injury-Filled Patriots To Give Him A Tryout

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Once upon a time, Terrell Owens was, arguably, the best wide receiver in the NFL, ripping passes down from whatever quarterback he hated with ease and making the game of football look easy as fuck. Its been a few years since that T.O. was anywhere to be seen, though.

No matter, the former Pro Bowler sent out one of the most desperate pleads I’ve ever seen from a former athlete who’s both washed up and washed out of money, hunting for the reigning Super Bowl champion and currently undefeated New England Patriots to give him a workout because they’ve been hit with a bunch of injuries.

Here’s what Owens’ Twitter said to The Boston Globe‘s Gary Washburn:

“Would I be open to it? Considering an organization like the Patriots? Yes,” Owens said. “Knowing Tom [Brady] and understanding the structure of what Bill Belichick, how he runs his ship, I have no problem with that. A lot of people will obviously speculate into what I may bring from a negative standpoint to that organization.”

“I don’t know what their needs would be or their considerations would be by bringing me in, but I definitely think an organization like that, it would be an ideal situation for myself to be part of,” Owens said. “If they want to work me out to see what I can do if I’m catching or running or cutting, I have no problem with that.”

Owens didn’t stop there, though, even taking to social media to stress his desire to join the most dominant organization in sports over the past 15 years, posting this to his Instagram:

Turning 42 years old next month, Owens clearly hasn’t lost that confidence that helped him ruin a bunch of relationships with teammates, coaches and fans, as he was a Grade A dickhead during his playing days. Sorry, T.O., but Billy Belichick and Tommy Brady aren’t about all that life, so maybe you should see if a shitty, dysfunctional team like the Browns would seek your services instead.

[H/T CBS Sports, Boston Globe]

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