Terrell Owens Finally Makes The Hall Of Fame, Then Puts FS1 Host Jason Whitlock In A Body Bag On Twitter

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Yesterday afternoon, professional hot take artist and FS1 host Jason Whitlock when on a rant in which he said that he has no problem with Terrell Owens being left out of the hall of fame because T.O.’s behavior in the league wasn’t in line

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I have no problem with Terrell Owens not making the Hall of Fame. I think I’ve listened to people come up with this silly argument that if you can tell the story of the NFL, if you can’t tell it without this guy, they need to be in the Hall of Fame.

Ray Rice– can’t tell the NFL story without him– does he belong? Tim Tebow– can’t tell the story without him– does he belong? Colin Kaepernick– are we gonna put him in the Hall of Fame?

So to me– and again T.O. was a far better player than any of those guys I rattled off– T.O., talent-wise and stat-wise, is a Hall of Fame player. When you get let go by four or five different teams, and they make up their mind– you’re too much of a headache, I don’t want you– that’s not a Hall of Famer to me.

Being a part of a team atmosphere, being a good teammate, contributing to a winning effort, and not– name the Hall of Famer that’s had four or five teams say, nah, get your ass out of here. It doesn’t happen to Hall of Famers.

Today, Terrell Owens announced that he’s finally made it into the hall of fame after previously being snubbed for the past two years.

Jasson Whitlock tried to congratulate Owens but T.O. wasn’t having it.

That’s definitely a hall of fame worthy tweet.

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