‘I Hope You’re Bill Cosby’s Next Victim’: Guys Read TERRIBLE Tweets About Female Sportswriters To Their Faces

mean tweets femal sportscasters 2

Well the following is…Horrific. Disturbing. Gross. Repulsive. And any other adjective that you could think of to describe the absolute pond scum who penned terrible thoughts like this directed at women simply doing their job, all while having the luxury of hiding behind the anonymous shroud that is the internet.

Worse yet, you know some people outright say those kind of things with their names attributed to it, because they really are that level of low-life.

It’s easy to understand why it was so hard for those guys to get through some of those statements, and why a few found themselves getting choked up, especially when these complete assholes are suggesting that rape is/was deserved, or that these women deserve to die because of their thoughts on sports.

Man, some people are idiots and shouldn’t even have access to Twitter.