Terry Bradshaw Creepily Asks Lady Gaga If Her Grandma Is Single Because Gun Slingers And Going To Gun Sling

Shooter’s shoot. Regardless of whether or not their wives are sitting next to them and they may or may not be piss drunk. Terry Bradshaw is 68 years old, which means he’s at that age where he can kind of get away with saying things like Reggie Bush ran like he was chasing a bucket of chicken or that he’d take Big Ben as his quarterback over Tom Brady. Older dude’s don’t have the energy for political correctness, probably because they are wise enough to realize that no one really gives a fuck. Most outrage is a facade.

So I don’t know why I was surprised that Bradshaw made a public pass for a 90-year-old woman he’s never met, but Terry is going to Terry and there’s not a thing you, I, or his wife can do about it.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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