Texans Fans Freak Out After QB Deshaun Watson Posts Cryptic Tweet After Team Hires New GM

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It doesn’t seem like Deshaun Watson is happy about the Texans’ new GM hire.

After the team’s loss in their final game against the Titans, Watson spoke to the media and gave his honest assessment as to what the team needs to do to get back to winning next season.


“We just need a whole culture shift,” “We just need new energy. We just need discipline. We need structure. We need a leader so we can follow that leader as players.”

We’ve all got to be on the same page,” Watson said. “There’s too many different minds, too many different ideas and too many people thinking they have this power, and it’s not like that. We need someone that stands tall, and this is who we follow and this is the way it goes.”

On Tuesday, the Texans announced they were hiring former Patriots Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio.

A few hours after the announcement of the team’s new GM, Watson posted a cryptic tweet that led to a ton of speculation among fans.

Texans fans didn’t take Watson’s tweet too well considering how vocal he’s been about his disappointment in the team’s management.

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