Texas Athletic Director Chris Del Conte Had A Hilarious Answer About Alternate Uniforms

Texas Longhorns

Getty Image / Tim Warner

Texas is one of the nation’s biggest athletic departments. The Longhorns have won 55 NCAA Championships in their history, and are one of the preeminent financial powers in college athletics.

They are often ranked as the highest-grossing athletic department. Then again, they do say everything is bigger in Texas.

This is some old data, but the point still stands.

One of the signature elements of the Longhorns are their traditional uniforms. Texas has eschewed alternate uniforms which they could have made a lot of money off of, and instead has always worn burnt orange at home and white on the road. They made some recent changes to the uniforms, but these are iconic.

But, so many love the alternate uniform trend, started by Oregon nearly two decades ago now. Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte was asked about the odds of Texas wearing alternate uniforms, and he had a hilarious response.

Now that is some Texas Longhorns arrogance. Wouldn’t you think if God was a Texas fan, they would’ve been better the last decade?

Nevertheless, it’s still a hilarious answer.