Texas A&M Holds Another Cringey Pep Rally Before Game Vs UM And It’s The Lamest Trash Talk Video Of All-Time

Texas A&M continues to take Ls this season.

Last week, the school paid an exorbitant amount of money to lose to unranked Appalachian State.

A&M would later get mocked after a video showing A&M students at a pep rally making fun of Appalachian State for being “hillbillies” and joking about their lack of knowledge about App State went extremely viral due to how lame it was.

Before Saturday’s A&M-UM game, the school held another Midnight Yell pep rally and it was just as lame as the App State one was.

Watch as a “Yell Leader” tries to mock Miami with a cringey fictional story about a Hurricane fan visiting A&M’s campus.

“Taking his son little Rocky to a college visit to the greatest university of the world, Texas A&M, and on this tour was a worthless, good for nothing,hanky panky, University of Miami Hurryicane, and that Hurricane kept talking about the good old sunshine state, and even though he was annoyed at first, Old Rock could manage to keep his cool but after 24 minutes of that Miami Hurricane talking about how much better the sunshine state was than Texas A&M, Old Rock couldn’t take it anymore, and before that obnoxious Miami Hurricane could utter the word sunshine state out of his mouth again, old Rock kicked him in the rear and said well if you love your sunshine state so much then why don’t you just go back”

Fams were in shock with how cringey A&M’s pregame trash talk was for the second week in a row.

“If for some reason you are a grown adult and still take sports seriously, I would like to present exhibit A as to why I think you should reconsider…”

“I can’t believe ppl actually come out to hear this guy speak!! The worst hype speeches ever & very Weird!! Canes by 2 scores”

“They’re doing this after talking all that smack about App State?! And they got beat by the team they never heard of”

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