Fast-Talking Jimbo Fisher Reveals His Poorly Fact-Checked Recruiting Pitch At Texas A&M

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Texas A&M football is coming off of the most successful recruiting year of all-time. Literally. The Aggies signed nine five-stars, 19 four-stars and two three-stars in the Class of 2022 which was the highest-ranked class in history.

However, head coach Jimbo Fisher has been very adamant that Name, Image and Likeness opportunities had nothing to do with the class.

So then what did? Why are many of the top recruits in the country choosing to play for a program that has not won more than 10 games since 2012 and is coming off of an 8-4 season?

During an appearance on The Herd, Colin Cowherd asked Fisher to sell him on why he should play at A&M instead of at Texas or elsewhere. The 56-year-old head coach gave his pitch in response but it was not particularly easy to track and full of inaccuracies.

Here is Jimbo Fisher’s recruiting pitch at Texas A&M:

First and foremost, Fisher talks insanely fast. He is not particularly easy to track, so sometimes things get lost in the shuffle, but for the most part, his pitch was comprehensible.

Second of all, Fisher says that Texas A&M is a “Top 20 educational school in the country.” What he means by that exactly is unclear, but if he means that Texas A&M is ranked within the top-20 of all universities and colleges nationwide, he is incorrect. Per U.S. News’ rankings, Texas A&M is the 68th-best school in the country and the third-best school in the state of Texas behind the Flagship and Rice. Fisher’s old school, Florida State, is ranked 13 spots ahead of his current school.

Fisher then goes on to discuss the resources at A&M, including a brand-new $160 million facility, an SEC schedule, coaches who have won a national championship, the size of the alumni base, and their big financial donations. He also mentions that Texas A&M has coaches “who try to put as many players in the NFL as they can,” which is certainly something, considering that is the case at every school in the country. It sounded like he started a sentence but did not know where to go with it.

From there, Fisher talks about how Texas A&M allows the opportunity for players to come in and be the first to win a national championship.

This appears to be his big sell. Recruits who have yet to set foot on campus can go to school in College Station and set the standard.

“Do you want to go somewhere that’s won championships, or do you want to be the first to do it? The people you remember, the guys that really make a difference in the world are the guys that are first to do it … Those are the ones that got statues outside they talk about all the time.”

To close, Fisher talks about the commitment that Texas A&M gives to the student-athletes after they graduate.

All-in-all, he has it down to a science. Fisher has made that pitch countless times over the last five years and, seeing as NIL “doesn’t have anything to do” with the Aggies’ success on the recruiting trail (*major eye roll*), it is really working. All of that is fine and dandy but he should probably get his facts straight about academics.

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