High School Football Player Dies After Sustaining An Injury During Game, Had Complained Of Dizziness In Huddle


ABC News

A high school football player from Texas named Cam’ron Matthews passed away Saturday following an injury during his team’s game the night prior.

According to a report from ABC News, Matthews, a junior at Alto High School, had told his teammates that he felt dizzy while in a huddle during the game, although there’s no cause of death that was immediately released.

Kerry Birdwell, a superintendent from Alto, had this to add about Cam’ron, per ABC News:

“When you have your own kids and you want them to emulate someone and follow in their footsteps, Cam’ron was a perfect example of that. He was a great kid in the classroom, unbelievable athlete, but more importantly just a great, great kid.”

According to a video in the ABC News story, a study from the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research says that there have been 36 high school football deaths since 2005. Cam’ron Matthews is now the sixth reported high school football player to pass away from an on-field injury just since September, meaning, sadly, that the average is increasing.

The topic of player safety on the football field has been at an all-time high over the past few years, with players either sustaining serious injuries or research looking heavily into the affect of head trauma and numerous hits.

With players getting bigger, stronger and faster, there’s no telling what the solution will be, and it’s scary/sad to think about any additional players and families who will have to deal with this type of news. Big prayers to Matthews’ family and his teammates.

[H/T ABC News]