Watch This JUCO Pitcher Absolutely Level A Baserunner As He Completes His HR Trot Around The Bases

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  • A pitcher de-cleated a hitter trying to complete his trip around the bases following a home run
  • The scene caused both benches to clear, with players having to be held back from one another
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This is one of the craziest scenes you’ll ever see in sports.

In a Wednesday afternoon baseball game between Junior College programs North Central Texas and Weatherford, a Weatherford pitcher leveled a hitter who was simply trying to make his way around the bases following a homerun. The unexpected hit took the runner off his feet. An absolute de-cleater.

Think Jadeveon Clowney versus Vincent Smith. It was that vicious.

We’re not exactly sure the background behind what led to the tackle, but there surely appears to be some bad blood between the two sides.

Here’s what we do know.

Weatherford led North Central Texas by one run in the sixth inning of the game. NCTC batter Josh Phillips then gave his team the lead with a two-run blast.

Apparently, pitcher Owen Woodward didn’t take kindly to something that the Phillips did.

As he rounds third base, you can see Woodward b-line for the North Central Texas baserunner. Then BOOM!

Check out the massive collision below.

He looks like he just used the analog stick in a game of Madden.

The hit obviously cleared the benches. I don’t think Woodward even thought about the fact that the NCTC team was sitting in the third base dugout. As soon as they saw him bolt, the players leapt from the bench to defend their teammate.

Players for Weatherford then got involved before the two sides were eventually separated.

After some delay, Phillips would complete his home run trot. Woodward would hit the showers. The game was suspended for a later date.

Woodward apparently faces a possible expulsion for the on-field antics, and the Weatherford baseball program released a statement following the embarrassing scene.

What a crazy, crazy day on the diamond.