This Texas Longhorn Kicker Who Just Booted An 80-Yard Field Goal Definitely Does Not Skip Leg Day

//‘DAMN’ is right. I’m still conflicted on whether being a kicker at a big time school would be the best thing or the worst. I can’t imagine the locker room treats you like one of it’s own and you’re basically offering yourself up to be the scapegoat if you shank a kick. But then again, you’re playing football at a school that deifies it players and all you have to do is kick and swim in vaginal fluids. But if I could switch lives with Longhorns senior kicker Nick Rose, I would in a heartbeat. I’d be sending 80 yard kicks into the stratosphere and he’d be here in his sweatpants drinking a warm beer blogging about me.

Long’s career-long field goal in a game is 51 yards.

Kickers. A bizarre breed…

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