Response To Major Big XII Announcement Shows Texas, Oklahoma Already Have One Foot Out The Door

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A pair of notable programs appeared uninterested in promoting a major conference announcement this week. The Texas and Oklahoma football programs did little to show excitement for the most recent Big 12 schedule release.

While all other conference affiliates posted some form of personalized promotion to commemorate their upcoming slate, the Longhorns and Sooners remained mum.

The two soon-to-be SEC members were the lone schools not to create some sort of graphic or video for the 2023 schedule. In an era where creative content is top of mind for social media teams, the defectors simply reposted the Big 12’s announcement on their respective accounts.

Many online were quick to comment on that disinterested response to the Big 12’s schedule release, saying that the two schools already have one foot out the door. Check out the immediate reaction.

One fan wrote, “They’re on their two-week notice, they aren’t doing team building exercises.”

Another person said, “Counting down the days to SEC play.”

Texas and Oklahoma are under contract with the conference through 2025, but many believe they’ll be in the SEC by the 2024 season. They announced their intention to transition to the nation’s premiere football conference last year, much to the dismay of other league members.

While the league is losing its two most prominent programs, they’ve also been able to attract new talent to lessen the blow. BYU, who was an independent, will soon make the transition, while Cincinnati, Houston, and Central Florida will move in from the AAC.

It won’t make up for the monetary losses of Texas and Oklahoma’s departures, but it should provide the league with a quartet of successful programs.

As for the most recent Big 12 schedule release, it doesn’t seem top of mind to Texas or Oklahoma despite the fact that it could be their last run as an affiliate. Maybe their new members will show more interest in the coming years.