The Denver Broncos Are Reportedly Talking To Johnny Manziel About Potential Fit With The Team

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According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Denver Broncos have spoken to Johnny Manziel about potentially joining the team in the future.

via ESPN

Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak has spoken with free-agent quarterback Johnny Manziel as a potential fit for the team down the line, according to two sources connected to the team.

The Broncos are still weary of signing Manziel because of his partying and pending off-the-field legal issues

Kubiak and Manziel both are former Texas A&M quarterbacks. But before the Broncos would make any move on Manziel, the sources said, the Broncos want to see how his pending legal issues and potential NFL discipline are resolved.’

Regardless of whether he is charged, the NFL is expected to discipline Manziel, and a suspension is considered likely, according to the sources.

Should the Broncos sign Manziel — and that could be weeks or months away — Denver, according to the sources, would do so with stipulations that would include mandatory counseling and possible clinical work for Manziel.

The move makes sense for the Broncos considering their current starting QB is Mark Sanchez. It will be interesting to see if Manziel would be willing to curb his partying habits to play on a championship caliber team.