A New ‘The League’ Trailer Is Out, And It Involves Marshawn Lynch Clowning That Super Bowl Play-Call



Forget NFL Training Camp, the real sign that football is soon to be back is that the TV show The League is set to return for another season, premiering on September 9th this year.

While the show has had some hilarious cameos from current and former NFL stars, this year’s trailer might just be my favorite, as Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch makes an appearance—and he’s not too shy about tossing fire at his current team.

Like most of us, when the Seahawks had the ball inside the 1-yard-line during last season’s Super Bowl, we all thought that Beast Mode would get the call for the game-winning score, sending the Hawks to a repeat title.


Then something absolutely fucking insane happened—they threw it—with the pass being picked-off to end the game with a fat L.

While other players might not want to talk about such a loss, Lynch isn’t like most players, openly clowning the decision to throw rather than hand it to him in this hilarious sketch involving Taco, Kevin and some beer on the beach.

There are two things for certain in this world:

1. The League gets my dick even harder in anticipation of another season and, maybe more so, another fantasy football season.

2. Marshawn Lynch plays by his own rules and doesn’t give a shit about what might be right or wrong.

Fuck, this is why I love football.

[H/T Entertainment Weekly]

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