The Rock Reacts To Watching His Very First WWE Match (20 Years Ago)

In a new segment titled ‘The Rock Reacts’, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson‘s on camera and watching his very first WWE match, a match which took place on November 17th, 1996 at Madison Square Garden. This is an incredible moment, getting to watch one of the greatest WWE wrestlers in history and one of the most captivating and genuine leading men that Hollywood’s ever known go back and watch the moment that launched his entire career.

First and foremost, what I love about this clip is The Rock straight up says he knew the match was fixed. Just two and a half minutes into watching this he tells the audience that he knew who would win the match an hour before it began.

He then goes on to talk about ‘it’s something you can’t write, in wrestling it’s something you can’t write, you can’t script it’ and he’s somehow blissfully unaware that seconds before that statement left his mouth he actually told us all that it was written and scripted. I get that he’s saying you can’t script that audience reaction but YOU CAN in fact script those reactions just as the WWE did.