Watch The Simpsons Predict The St. Louis Cardinals Hacking Scandal Back In 1999



The Simpsons has a pretty good track record of predicting sporting results and scandals way in advance. In 2014, they were able to predict the World Cup and the Super Bowl Champions. Last week we found out that they predicted the FIFA scandal as well.

Now it turns out that the Simpsons also predicted the St Louis Cardinals hacking scandal way back in 1999.

In the episode “Brother’s Little Helper,” Bart Simpson finds out the MLB is tracking everyone’s behavior using satellites. That’s when Mark McGwire of the St Louis Cardinals shows up to cover-up the evidence by distracting everyone by hitting some “Dingers”.

It’s pretty creepy how the Simpsons and Family Guy can repeatedly peer into the future and predict news events like these on a regular basis.

H/T Uproxx