The Ultimate Bro College Basketball Starting Lineup

Marshall Henderson – Guard, Ole Miss

Marshall Henderson is best known for being the ultimate on-court troll and biggest supporter of White Girl Wednesday on Twitter. But he is so much more. To go along with his swagger, he excels at draining threes and talking trash. He also doesn’t mind partying every chance he gets. He is very similar to Johnny Manziel in that he is polarizing but he sure will be fun to watch this upcoming season.

Bro Moment: Providing us with one of the greatest college hoops GIFs of all time.

Aaron Craft – Guard, Ohio State

Similar to Henderson, Aaron Craft has a little bit of an edge to him. And that’s okay because he knows exactly how to handle himself with the media as evidenced here when he shoots down super-douche Rick Reilly.

Outside of swagger and being a clutch player, he’s arguably the best senior in the country and plays on a team that could go deep into March.

Bro Moment: Draining this three, holding the finish, and sending Ohio State to the Sweet 16.

Andrew Wiggins – Forward, Kansas

Andrew Wiggins has been compared to LeBron James. He has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He was the top recruit in the country. And he has yet to play a game in college.

There has certainly been a lot of hype surrounding the Kansas freshman and it is well deserved if you ask Andrew Wiggins. He has no problem telling people about his strengths, which seems like pretty much everything. Oh, and his highlight tapes aren’t bad either.

Bro Moment: Besides just ballin’ in the videos above, telling Jay Bilas everything he is good at and saying he’s a one and done guy.  

Doug McDermott – Forward, Creighton

Another sharpshooter on the list. This time it’s the senior from Crieghton who has no problem rocking a giant t-shirt under his jersey. Let’s not ignore his world-class flow either.

Where McDermott earns his bro-cred is his size. Depending on the position he is playing, he is either too big or too small and not quick enough in either spot. But he gets the job done. He hits big shots and could very well be the nation’s leading scorer this year. Good enough for me.

Bro Moment: Not being a scholarship athlete and still being a two-time all-American.  

Kevin Ware – Guard, Louisville

During last year’s NCAA Tournament, Kevin Ware suffered quite possibly the most gruesome injury ever broadcasted on live television. (Look it up if you want, I never want to see that again.) He will be back this year. Coming back after an injury like that gets him into our bro starting lineup.

Bro Moment: Whenever Kevin Ware sets foot on a court this year.

Andy Enfield – Head Coach, USC

Last year’s surprise run by Florida Gulf Coast University gave birth to the Dunk City movement and introduced us to a school that looks more like a resort than an institution of higher learning. And the man behind the whole phenomenon was Andy Enfield.

Enfield then pulled a bro-power move by parlaying his new found celebrity into a coaching gig at USC and a big fat contract. His smoking hot wife will accompany him to Southern California to boot.

Bro Moment: Taking his aforementioned smoking hot wife to Taco Bell for their first date