Is This The Washington Redskins’ New Name?

The report comes from TMZ, and says that Aris Mardirossian, who lives down the street from Snyder, registered the name on October 17th. According to the trademark, “Aris plans to use the name for 'Entertainment in the nature of football games.' “

More from TMZ:

Aris also created a company called Washington Brave Hearts, LLC on the same day — Oct. 17th.  We've also obtained the LLC docs but there are no specifics. As for the relationship between Aris and Dan, we're told the 2 of them formed a united front on their block a few years back — both men wanted to cut down trees on their lots but they were being blocked by the county.  

As a longtime Redskin's fan, I say cool. I think the name's racist and it should be changed. And the “B” could look as icon as the “R” is now. And I would get to listen to this speech over and over and over again. That speech rocks. 

[H/T @dcuniverse]