Cubs GM Theo Epstein Dropped A Sweet F-Bomb On The Live Local News, Did A Classic Interview With Bill Murray

Can we just go ahead and put Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein into the Hall of Fame already. Anyone who breaks 86 and 108-year old World Series curses like it’s a habit is a surefire lock for legendary status.

So we can forgive him if, while being interviewed on Chicago’s FOX 32, Epstein, who may or may not have had a few pops in him by this point, dropped a sweet F-bomb on the live audience watching (and surely reveling) at home.

Uh, Theo, you can’t say that. Ehh, what the hell. Someone doing that on live TV will NEVER not be funny.

You know what else will never not be funny? Bill Murray.

We already saw Murray’s epic celebration in the Cubs clubhouse earlier today, but there was no way the most famous Cubs fan in the world was done there. Oh hell no.

Murray also decided to commandeer a Fox Sports microphone in the clubhouse and hold his own interview with Theo Epstein…

“My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sisters thank you, my brothers thank you,” Murray expressed to Epstein.

Judging by the many out-of-control celebrations that took place after the historic win, so do thousands, if not millions, of others.