This Jose Bautista ‘Bat Flip’ Christmas Sweater Is Perfect If You Hate The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball

Jose Bautista bat flip christmas sweater

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If you find yourself visibly annoyed when announcers, deranged fans, middle-aged sportswriters, and insecure pitchers bitch and moan about bat flips and “a severe lack of respect for the game,” this is the Christmas sweater for you.

Merry Flippin’ Christmas from an unapologetic Jose Bautista across your chest would be the perfect item to wear to a holiday party hosted by almost anyone in the ultra-sensitive Rays pitching rotation, or anyone who might fall under the category of “baseball traditionalist.” Especially if Jason Isringhausen and the always uppity Buck Showalter happen to be in attendance.

To be as polarizing as humanly possible, you could alternate between slightly tilting your hat to the side and wearing it backwards, all but making it a lock to be one of the wildest, possibly most violent holiday parties you’ve ever attended.

Ah yes, the great game of baseball and its many unwritten rules of roaring stupidity.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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