Three Illinois Football Players Arrested For Armed Robbery After Getting Caught In The Most Idiotic Way Possible

Three University of Illinois football players Darta Lee, Zarrian Holcombe and Howard Watkins were arrested on charges of home invasion and armed robbery yesterday after their idiotic plan to rob a man in their campus dorm was foiled.


Cops say the 3 men were wearing masks and entered an apartment in an effort to rob the person inside. At least one of the men was brandishing what appeared to be a gun.
The problem, cops say the alleged victim recognized the voice of one of the masked men — blowing their cover.

At that point, cops say one of the alleged robbers removed his mask and tried to play the whole thing off as a joke.
Oh, and cops say they now believe the gun used in the incident was a fake firearm.

Despite the comedy of errors, the three men allegedly got money from the victim and booked it.

The three players have been suspended by coach Lovie Smith and are facing serious charges that could put them behind bars for a lengthy amount of time.

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