This Backyard Golf Course In The Hamptons Cost $60 Million And It’s Straight Out Of Your Wildest Dreams

by 7 months ago
Three Ponds Farm backyard private golf course the hamptons

YouTube / Golf Digest

Having a backyard golf course is the dream of every golf addict. And it’s truly a dream because it is almost completely unattainable for 99.999% of golfers in the world. In order to have a backyard golf course, you need a lot of land behind your house, which isn’t feasible for most people. You also need A LOT of money to build the course, and you’ll need a designer to help you with the layout. Once it’s completed, it requires a ton of upkeep in order to ensure it’s in pristine condition.

Assuming that you’ve got a boatload of cash in the bank and a massive property to build on then you can pull off something like the $60 million Three Ponds Farm golf course in Bridgehampton, NY that sits on 60-acres. It features 18 holes spread across 4 greens and 3 fairways. There’s a rose garden, carriage house, barn, grass tennis court, pro shop, stocked bar, vintage Coke machine, pinball machine, shoe locker, and more.

The $60 million private backyard Three Ponds Farm golf course in The Hamptons is the focus of the latest ‘Green Fees’ episode from the Golf Digest YouTube channel where they’ve been given unprecedented access to film this absolute gem. Sit back, relax, and get ready to feel poor:

I truly hope that whoever owns this is at least a badass golfer. The thought of something like this going to waste and just sitting idly by for rich people to look at while sipping cocktails on the veranda is too much for me to digest. I need to believe that the owner is out there honing his/her game every single day.

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