Tiger Woods Didn’t Get A New Green Jacket For Winning The Masters, Hasn’t Gotten One Since His First Win In 1997

Tiger Woods Didnt Get A New Green Jacket For Winning The Masters

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In a tradition unlike any other, because it’s really stupid, Tiger Woods was forced to slip on the same green jacket he won way back in 1997 when he shocked the world winning his fifth Masters on Sunday, putting him within three major wins of Jack Nicklaus.

That’s right. The green jacket Tiger Woods has to wear while visiting Augusta National is the one he received when he was just 21-years-old – even though he has now won the tournament four more times since then. Because that’s all you get no matter how many times you win the tournament.

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No, I am not kidding, Mike.

According to PGA.com

• It’s been reported that the estimated cost to make a green jacket is $250, but no club spokesperson has ever confirmed this publicly.

• Green jackets are kept on club grounds and taking them off the premises is forbidden. There is an exception: The Masters champion can take the jacket home and return it to the club at the next Masters.

• Multiple Masters winners receive only one jacket.

In fact, according to PGA.com, that jacket Patrick Reed put on Tiger Woods on Sunday wasn’t even his…

• The green jacket you see the winner slip into on Masters Sunday? That’s just for the presentation. The winner later receives his custom green jacket to wear when on the Augusta National grounds.

“I can’t thank my family, friends and fans enough for their support. Having my family by my side today is something I will never forget. To not only be able to play again, but to be able to win again, is something I will forever be grateful for. This jacket sure is comfortable,” Woods wrote on Twitter after his first major win in 11 years.

It should be comfortable. It’s 22-freaking-years-old.

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