Here’s How Much Money Tiger Woods Has Earned In Every State During His Pro Golf Career

tiger woods

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Tiger Woods is back, Y’all. Big Cat is playing this weekend at the U.S. Open today out at Shinnecock Hills on Long Island and the entire world is watching. I might be there on Saturday if I can rally anyone to drive out to Southampton with me from the city, and you can get at me on Twitter at @casspa if you’ll be around. With early Thursday morning scores coming in pretty high we have to think that Tiger Woods has a shot at winning his first major in a decade because if anyone knows how to grind out a round it’s Tiger.

Big Cat will very much be in contention to win some $$$$$ this weekend if all goes as planned and as we sit and wait to see when Tiger will get back to the winner’s circle it’s time to look back at how much cash money T-Dub has won throughout his career. Side note: if Tiger only played golf in Florida and California he’d still be one of the highest-earning golfers in history.

David McSweeney runs the website NoobNorm and he put together this map showing how much money Tiger Woods has won in each state during his professional career. The map is cool and all but you can check out a full breakdown of Tiger’s earnings per state by following that link.

Side Note: this map was made back in April and hasn’t yet been updated to reflect Tiger’s last few paydays this season

A couple of months ago, David put together a fascinating map which shows how much the Top 10 Golfers Earn Per Shot so definitely click that and check it out if you’re interested in pro golf.