Tim Tebow Gets Mocked Over His Ridiculous Button-Down Collared Workout Dress Shirt

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Former NFL QB and MLB hopeful Tim Tebow believes he has the perfect solution for business dudes who need a workout dress shirt just in case they want randomly pump some iron while out on the road.

On Friday, Tebow unveiled his “Victory Cut” performance shirt which is basically just a skin-tight button-down collared dress shirt for psychopaths who want to work out in business attire.

Here’s the description of the shirt on Tebow’s website.

Exclusively developed for Tim Tebow out of necessity, the Victory Cut Performance Shirt is the perfect versatile shirt to go from the stage, to the boardroom, or to the gym. Moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, comfortable fit, this is your go-to shirt for whatever your day throws your way.

What makes this shirt special? On every shirt, we have placed a special Bible Verse on the inside placket, and Tim Tebow’s logo on the gusset as a reminder no matter what your day holds, you can stay intentional and Mission focused. What verse will your shirt have?

Of course, Tebow got immediately got roasted over the shirt.

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